• Red Tea & Honeybee System

Red Tea & Honeybee System

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Designed to help hair recover from split ends, slow hair growth, and scalp damage.  The African Red Tea & Honey Complex featured in this product works quickly to smooth rough hair cuticles, soothe scalp itch, and attack scalp irritation. By improving scalp health factors that may have limited or blocked hair growth are limited. This product works wonders for children with wild hair. The African Red Tea has a calming effect and makes difficult hair easier to style. The Red Tea & Honeybee System uses a combination of four honeys from around the globe to immediately improve the appearance of tresses. 89.5% of users report experiencing faster hair growth or less scalp itch within the first two weeks. Unisex product. Easy to use. Simply apply conditioner first and let stand for at least minutes, then shampoo and reapply conditioner.




(240 ml/ 8 ounces) Red Tea & Honeybee Conditioner

(240 ml/ 8 ounces) Red Tea & Honeybee Shampoo


Research suggests that hair shedding is a common occurrence and should not cause alarm. At any given time about 90% of your hair is in the growth phase and the other 10% is in the resting phase. Seeing hair in the comb is partially encouraging because it indicates that new hairs are sprouting. Although, you cannot count them the average person has about 150,000 hairs on their head and loses between 10 to 125 hair strands per day.