• Keratin Restoration System

Keratin Restoration System

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Designed to repair, hydrate, and rebuild damaged hair cuticles and boost slow growing hair. Godhead Keratin Restoration System contains three products that penetrate deep within hair cuticles to infuse keratin, proteins, and amino acids. This combination works quickly to reconstruct weak hairs. By increasing the structural integrity of hair strands hair growth can prosper and hair breakage is drastically reduced. This is not a chemical treatment. This system is formulated from natural keratin extracted from plants. Godhead Keratin Restoration System can be used weekly to restore super dry hair and to add silkiness to rough hair. This system contains a cuticle restoring hair conditioner, damage protection and styling hair spray, plus a keratin silk serum to seal in goodness, boost hair elasticity, and encourage optimal hair growth.


Godhead Keratin Restoration System Includes:

 (240 ml / 8 oz) Godhead Keratin Damage Protection & Styling Hair Spray

(240 ml / 8 oz) Godhead Keratin Restoring Conditioner

(120 ml / 4 oz) Godhead Keratin Silk Smoothing Serum