• Curls Natural Hair System

Curls Natural Hair System

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Designed to enhance the appearance of natural hair by helping it retain greater moisture levels and experience less shrinkage - shedding. All the products in this system work together to smooth hair cuticles and soften natural curls. Coils & Curls Natural Hair System includes shampoo, conditioner, and styling hair milk that is formulated from Coconuts, Bamboo, Bananas, plus Babassu. Professional looking natural hair can be yours with this system because it helps reduce hair breakage, knots, and frizz. Excellent for all curly heads, men, women, and children.. Beauty 4 Ashes® natural products, simply the best, always Paraben Free, Sulfate Free (SLS-free), Petrochemical Free, Phthalate Free, Alcohol Free. 



Coils & Curls Natural Hair System Includes:

Coils & Curls Shampoo (CLEANSE AND SMOOTH ROUGH CUTICLES) (240 ml/ 8 ounce)

Coils & Curls Conditioner (CURL ENHANCER) (240 ml/ 8 ounce)

Coils & Curls Styling Hair Milk (COMBATS BREAKAGE, ADDS SHINE, LONGER HAIR) (240 ml/ 8 ounce)

STEP  1    .  Wet hair, massage, & rinse.

STEP  2    .  Apply to hair and let stand for 4 minutes. Rinse and dry hair.

STEP  3    . Apply to directly to dry and hair and style.