ADP Max Hair Gro System

$39.99 $49.99

Combat hair shrinkage, slow hair growth, and increase circulation of nutrients to weaker hair strand..

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ADP Super Hair Gro System

$99.95 $149.99

Designed to combat sluggish hair growth and to encourage healthier hair that appears longer and thic..

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Argan Hair Restoration System


Repair damaged hair with this 3-STEP deep conditioning system. Argan oil works wonders to restore ov..

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Chinese Herbal Gro System

$39.99 $59.99

Energizes damaged scalp follicles and increases circulation to undernourished hair shafts. Formulate..

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Hair Growth Protein System

$34.00 $48.00

Restore weak and brittle hair back to life. Formulated with Vitamin B5, B3, fruit nectar, wheat prot..

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Hair Reconstructor System

$39.99 $45.00

Repair the structure of over-heated, over-pressed, over-colored, and over-styled hair. Penetrates th..

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Hair Rescue System

$49.95 $69.99

Designed to rescue hair that is shedding and experiencing breakage from over-processing, color treat..

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Keratin Restoration System


Designed to repair, hydrate, and rebuild damaged hair cuticles and boost slow growing hair. Godhead ..

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Max Moisture & Gro System

$39.95 $59.99

Boost hair growth! Stop hair breakage in its tracks. Reduce hair shrinkage. Minimize shedding. Great..

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Mega Thick Hair Care System

$49.99 $59.99

Is your hair getting sparse in certain areas then try the Mega Thickening Hair Milk. Formulated from..

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$38.00 $65.00

Designed to transform average hair into incredible looking hair that has life, bounce, and vibrancy...

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Ultra Gro Thicker System

$48.00 $79.99

Designed using clinically researched ingredients. Boosts circulation and nutrient uptake to the..

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